Labyrinth Onyx Pochette
Labyrinth Onyx Pochette

Labyrinth Onyx Pochette

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Our gorgeous graphic Labyrinth Onyx Pochette is the perfect practical pouch for the perfectly groomed girl on the go. A multi-functional carry all, you can tuck it into your purse or carry on to keep your makeup and beauty essentials at your side. We’ve designed this compact pouch for easy carrying so it’s perfectly suited as a clutch to contain your phone and cash. It’s also great as a jewelry bag for those precious gems you just can’t leave home without.

Styling tip: Unruly hair? Stash extra clips, ties and scrunchies in the pochette so you can always tame your mane on the fly.


  • Features
  • Dimensions
  • + Material: Water resistant coated canvas + textured faux leather trim
    + Water resistant lining | Color: Emerald Green
    + Imported
    + Metal zip closure with tassel pull
    + Flawless gold metal hardware
  • 7.5"W x 5"H

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