Travel Insider: How To Pack Your Jewelry

Remember that roll-shaped travel jewelry organizer you have in the back of your closet right now? You know, the one that tangles all your accessories into a jumbled mess? Yeah, it’s time to toss that out.


There’s a better way to travel with your jewelry! It all starts with having a functional travel jewelry organizer in your arsenal. Here’s what you need to know.

Hudson and Bleecker Grotta Globetrotter jewelry travel case

Choose a jewelry organizer that works in your favor. 

You need jewelry cases that actually keep your accessories safe and untangled. Our Stella Jewelry CaseBijoux Jewelry Folio, and Grotta Globetrotter Jewelry Case are all great options because they each provide functional organization and storage for all of your baubles. In a pinch and not traveling light, you can even use the removable jewelry pouches that many of our jewelry cases include.

Hudson and Bleecker Grotta Globetrotter jewelry case 

For earring studs and large rings...

The earring bars in jewelry cases can actually serve a double purpose, because they’re also great for keeping your rings organized and in place. After you’re finished securing all your earring studs in place, slide any big or sturdy rings onto the earring bar as well.

Hudson and Bleecker open jewelry case

For delicate rings and necklaces... 

Small midi rings and delicate chain necklaces need some TLC when in transit. These types of pieces each belong in a designated jewelry pouch that can zip or fasten closed. This way, they’ll be kept from getting tangled or damaged.

Stylish woman holding Hudson and Bleecker jewelry case

For statement jewelry...

Statement necklaces, bangles, and watches are best stored in a large, separate section of your travel jewelry organizer, like a detachable pouch. When your accessories are safely tucked into your jewelry pouch or case, secure it shut and tuck it into your tote bag or carry-on. From there, you’ll be good to go—and you won’t have to worry about opening your suitcase to find the chains of your most treasured necklaces tangled into a sailor’s knot. Well-accessorized travels ahead. 

Hudson and Bleecker Stella jewelry case

See how to pack with Hudson+Bleecker’s jewelry cases here.


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